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Brigitflex pushes the boundaries, we deliver through innovative pre-production engineering with the latest available materials and processes combined with decades of industrial experience.

Embedded Thin-Film Resistors for Medical Electronics Download PDF

The use of EMBEDDED PASSIVES in the industry have expanded exponentially over the past several years, and nowhere has this demand appeared to have become greater than in the medical electronics industry.

Thermal Management Considerations in PCB Design Download PDF

As electronic packaging design the continues the push for higher density, better performance, and improved reliability, THERMAL MANAGEMENT becomes ever more critical - generic substrate and board processing options may not be sufficient.

4-layer Teflon Flex Download PDF

Manufacturing a 4-layer Teflon Flex for Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory with a NO OUTGASSING requirement.

Embedded Thin-Film Resistors Download PDF

Embedded Thin-Film Resistors for Medical Electronics. In this article, we will review some of our own experiences with the application of one specific embedded passive material known as OhmegaPly, a thin-film resistive material manufactured by Ohmega Technologies, Inc.

Considerations for the Thermal Management of Printed Wiring Boards Download PDF

The drivers in the electronic packaging market continue to push for higher density, better performance, and improved reliability. When performance includes thermal management, generic substrate and board processing options may not be sufficient.

Medical printed circuit board Download PDF

Medical printed circuit board in a vacuum tube.

JEDEC G-12 Conference Presentation Download PDF

Thin-Film NiP Embedded Resistor Reliability in Military / Aerospace Applications. Presented at the JEDEC G-11 Conference in Columbus, Ohio on September 23, 2009 by Bruce P. Mahler, Ohmega Technologies, Inc. and Brigitte Lawrence, Brigitflex, Inc.

Unusual circuits call for unusual materials Download PDF

"Medical Design" Magazine, Cover Story: Some flex circuits work in medical environments so tough that standard materials just won't do. Here's how one design team selects materials for unusual jobs (by Brigitte Lawrence and Ed Sandor, Taconic - Advanced Dielectric Division).

CircuiTree: Two Women Executives in the PCB Industry Download PDF

Ahead of the 2009 IPC APEX EXPO "Women in Electronics" meeting, Darryl Seland of "CircuiTree" Magazine interviews Brigitte Lawrence (BRIGITFLEX, Inc.) and Melanie Bera (TRC Circuits) on how their companies are navigating through the current economic landscape.

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